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One memorable ride: Nanticoke High 1961 state champs to be honored
Nanticoke Area celebrates 25th anniversary of 1990 state championship girls basketball team
Athletic community mourns loss of former Nanticoke Area AD
Trojans cry foul/ A Look back: 1969 GNA Vs. Steelton Highspire
Nanticoke Area gets its revenge - 1982/1983
Citizens' Voice 25 Best Teams of All Time - Boys Basketball 1961
Citizens' Voice 25 Best Teams of All Time - Girls Basketball 1990
Citizens' Voice 25 Best Teams of All Time - Softball 2003
1961 Nanticoke Rams captivated Community
"Trojan/Trojanette Proud" - Video Clips
Trojanettes - "2010 State Girls Championship Softball team"
Nanticoke/Newport Girls - 8th in the World
Trojanettes - "1990 State Girls Championship Basketball team"
Wrestling - Jason Mitkowski wins 03 State Championship
Wrestling - Jason Mitkowski accepts award in 2003
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