World History - J. Daniels

Reading - L. Kapral

Language Arts - R. Bruza

Science - A. Wydra

Mathematics - Mr. J. Beggs

Computer Tech - E. Lukowski

Library Science - J. Grobelny

Music - B. Bunnell

Special Education - L. Connolly

Physical Education - Mrs. J. Beggs

Health - Mrs. J. Beggs

Art - M. Rubal

Learning Support - M. Marsh

Learning Support - L. Connolly

Learning Support - M. Baratta

Title I Reading - J. Duke

Teacher Room Assignments for 5th Grade in Education Center
5th Grade Parents
Please go to the Elementary Center to excuse your child for early dismissal.
5th Grade Temporary Assigment
Our 5th grade classrooms will be temporarily assigned to the Educational Center as we complete the primary center building project. However, the 5th grade will remain an elementary grade and will follow the same schedule as students in
grades K-4.
Support Professionals

J. Kempa

Principal's Secretary
D. Fields
Guidance Counselor's Secretary
  • M. Shemanski
  • P. Englert
  • P. Meck
  • D. Pekaar
  • K. Gavrish
N. Matzoni
Transportation Assistant /Attendance Officer
D. Fields
6th & 7th Grade Cafeteria Monitor
Special Ed Aides
  • P. Nork
  • T. Tushinski
  • J. McDonald
  • J. Mayday
  • D. Degosky
  • S. Harvey - Cafeteria Manager
  • S. Helmecki
  • B. Graham
  • M. Kocher
  • D. Keegan
  • L. Moran
  • A. Beggs
  • B. Gluchoski
J.D. Jim Verazin
Email Ed Center Custodial Technician
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