Transportation Coordinator - Mrs. Janet Yezefski

Transportation Assistant - Ms. Nina Matzoni

2019-2020 Bus Schedules



Please be advised all students eligible for transportation must be assigned to a bus. If your child is not on the driver’s roster he/she will not be allowed to ride that bus.

 If you have moved over the summer please contact your child’s school IMMEDIATELY, so that a new bus can be assigned and your address can be updated in our computer system.

Please do not wait until the first day of school to report changes, as this causes confusion at dismissal.


Due to the high volume of calls received by the Transportation Coordinator at this time of year, we ask that you please do not call the Transportation Office for bus times.

If your child’s bus has changed for the new school year, you will receive a postcard in the mail with the changes. All Kindergarten students will receive a postcard with their busing information. Regretfully, we cannot send postcards to all students who are bused.

If you have moved or your child/children are new to the district and they have not been assigned a bus, we need you to call the transportation office as soon as possible.  Please do not wait until the first day of school to change your child’s address or bus as this will cause confusion at the end of the day.   

Bus schedules will also be posted on all district buildings prior to the start of school.

Have a great summer!

Use of Visual and Audio Surveillance on School Buses

The Greater Nanticoke Area School District, as per Board Policy Number 816, reserves the right to monitor student behavior through the use of audio and video monitoring equipment on buses used to transport both public and non- public students at any given time.



School Bus

Important School Bus Safety Alert
Help us to protect your children as they travel to and from school!

Certain types of children's clothing can create a hazard as your child gets off the school bus.
Especially dangerous are:

Long dangling jacket or sweatshirt drawstrings.

Long backpack straps

Long scarves or other loose clothing.


Such clothing can be caught in the bus handrail, door, or other equipment as the child gets off the bus.
In recent years, a number of children across the U.S. have had their clothing caught as they exited the bus.
Several of these children were dragged by the bus and then killed when the bus ran over them.
Please take the time to check your children's clothing to make sure it is safe.
Remove drawstrings from clothing whenever possible, or at least cut off the drawstrings, tabs and knots.

Please talk with your child about the following safety rules:


  • Stay away from the Danger Zones around the bus.
  • Don't try to pick up something dropped near the bus, the bus driver might not see you.
  • Remember that other motorists don't always stop for a stopped school bus.
  • Use extreme caution whenever getting on or off the bus.

~ School bus safety is a team effort ~
Nothing is more precious than a child's life
(Courtesy of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute)