District Offices

District Offices - Email - Internal Extensions
Instructions to apply for Clearances

Office of the Superintendent
Dr. Ronald Grevera, Superintendent of Schools
Sarah Engle, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent (ext. 5532)

Administrative Office
Financial Consultants
Albert B. Melone Co. (ext. 5526)

Athletic Office
Ken Bartuska, Athletic Director (ext. 4440)

Human Resource/Payroll
Bonnie Dembowski, Director of Human Resource/Payroll.Benefits (ext. 5528)

Dalton West, Director of Maintenance/Building and Grounds (ext. 4439)
Pamela Novakowski, Maintenance Secretary, (ext. 4459)

Student Accounting
Reine Pavelitz, Director of PIMS (ext. 5524)

Special Education
Alicia Erwine  Director of Primary Education Services (ext. 3152) 
Meghan Buckley
Director of Secondary Special Education (ext. 3052)

Jennifer Nestorick, Special Education Secretary, (ext. 3051)

Janet Yezefski, Director of Transportation (ext. 5525)
Nina Matzoni, Transportation Assistant, (ext. 5555)

Justin Gabel, Director of Technology (ext. 5533)

Business Office
Bonnie Dembowski, Office Manager (ext. 5528)

Nancy Butzek, Student Registration Secretary (ext. 5531)
Leslie Cimakasky, Accounts Receivable Secretary (ext. 5541)
Diane Kivler, Accounts Payable/Cafeteria Secretary (ext. 5542)
Colleen Shepanski, Comply Officer (ext 5527)