The High School and Educational Center will reopen in the hybrid mode of instruction on Monday, March 8th. Students designated on the “A” schedule will attend on Mondays and Tuesdays and students designated on the “B” schedule will attend on Thursdays and Fridays. All students will attend virtually on Wednesdays. All mitigation strategies including mask wearing, frequent hand washing, temperature checks and nightly sanitizing of all desks and classrooms will continue to be in effect.

Lunch Distribution

The following is the free lunch distribution schedule.

Wednesday & Friday at the High School Bus Port from 11 - 12.
  Wednesday - Apollo Circle & Hanover Fire House 11 - 12.

Lunch Items Update
Beginning January 8th we added items to our lunches that are reheatable, so we can offer hot lunches. Some items that you will find is as follows:

Mac & Cheese & Fish sticks
Sloppy Joes
Taco meat with soft tortilla
Meatball Hoagie
Cheesesteak Hoagie
Buffalo Chicken Dip

These are just an example of some new items you may find included with your lunch.

Safe To Say Something

ARE REQUIRED at  The GNA High School, Ed Center and Elementary Center
Clear Backpacks are NOT REQUIRED at the Kennedy Early Childhood Center.